Tuesday, April 29, 2008

True Change

Ever said to your self this is the day I am going to change............. From this moment on my life is going to be diffrent!

For each of us we have diffrent things that we need to have changed in our lives.
For some it is to stop drinking, smoking, eating, lying, fighting, beating, yelling, cheating.
Sin....... We all want to stop sinning... We try, we fail, we try again.... We work up more streaght to be better a good person. We sin again... we try yet again this time will be diffrent, we fail again harder.
How is it we can have true change in our lives? What is the key to stop the sin ball from rolling over us? I have been giving this alot of thought. Why do we fail? How there are just those people who can never seem to never get it right. They cry, they make promise to never do that....... again..... Time passes and oops I did it again.. it is not just Brittny Spears that sings that song.... We all do.
How come it seems like for some true change never last? Is it maybe that true change never really came? They call on Jesus to save them, they stop what ever it is that needs to be stopped...... for a while but then there they do it again but this time it is worse...... They just can not seem to change..... I have been thinking about a girl i know who fits this picture like a glove.....
Why can't she seem to get it right???? Her own words told me why she never gets things right.. I will fix my life! I will get things back togather.. It is My life, This is mine to fix. I don't need anyone.
I don't know about you but Me, myself and I have gotten into more troble then I can count!
That is the problem we have We always want to fix our lives. I got into this mess and I will get out.. Gee smart huh? You have been driving this boat and look how great a job you did? You did not see the mess coming how can you see the way out? My dad has a fav cartoon that I love. It goes like this.. A little man is standing at the end of his boat. He yells back I have found the Enemy and We are He! How true is that? The person in my life that messes up things more offen in my walk with God is me. True Change comes when I get on my knees in a Alter moment with God can say I can do nothing to change mylife but ask you to change my heart.
Without him we can do nothing.. We create so many messes in our lives because of our heart we have to allow God to create in us a new heart. Not just once but daile.
I have found the enemy and We are He We can not have true change until we come to a place where we give up trying and turn things over to the one who over came sin once for all. Jesus....


Michael Gantt said...

That's almost right baby, but the quote is "I have seen the enemy and he is us!" You are so right though, because when we are convinced we can change our lives to get it right, we are also convinced that there is something good in us that will allow us to get it right. The hardest doctrine of all for man to accept is the the doctrine of "total depravity." We still cling to the belief that somewhere inside of us there is something good. When we understand that there isn't - THEN we can cry out to the Lord, "Please change me!" Daddy

mrslunch said...

Ty for setting straight on the quote. Good either way!
"It is all about me" is one of the biggest quotes of the day..
Me myself and I..
But me, myself and I don't have a clue how ot stay out of troble...

Lorrie Dobbins said...

Very true Mike. The problem is because we say "I" will fix it. It gets more frustrating every day when I see people refusing to see the blessings that God is just WAITING to give them because they want to do it themselves. Giving in to God feels so wonderful. God's Peace is the best feeling in the world!