Monday, April 14, 2008

Jesus name replaced?

I watched a clip from American idol over the weekend . I got so mad i fumed around the kicthen. Wayne told me i was getting upset over something i could do nothing about and that i should have seen coming anyways. So what is it that mad me SO mad.. American idol has a show every season where they raise money for diffrent charity orgs. A worthy cause from a show that is worth nothing most days. On this show were to sing a inperational song of their choice. It was wonderful and alot of pretty moving songs were sung. To close the show to my surprise they chose a worship song we sing at our church. Shout to the Lord is the name of the song it is a Hillsong United Sydney and Darlene Zschech. The words of this song start like this. My Jesus my savoir Lord there is none like you. They sang every word of this song but one.
Jesus! They changed the word Jesus to Shepherd! Now don't get me wrong i am So happy that this song was sung on live Tv for millions and millions to hear but i guess the thing that rubs me the wrong way it that out of all the words to this song it is not, Lord ( because Lord can be alot of things not just one Lord) Not Shepherd ( which is just one who leads not the one true leader who cares for his sheeps needs) Not comfort, my shelter, Tower of refuge and strength, Because that still does not name who it is that is all those things to us. King? What king? King of what?
The whole world sings out praise to a nameless God.
Why is it that the name of Jesus is bloted out from live Tv like a curse word ( which you can say Jesus or God if it is in a curse word form on Live TV) But to sing out the praise of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ, The King and Kings and the Lord of Lords! My blood boils and my heart breaks for those that thing they can reach God by some other path then the Son Jesus.
I said to Wayne your right there is nothing i can do about this but i can procliem the name of Jesus loud and long and give thanks that my Lord does have a name and one day every knee shall bow and every tounge confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!!

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