Sunday, April 6, 2008

Keeping it MAD REAL

Keeping it MAD REAL
I gueess i have a burr under my backside and i have to get it out! I have to say what is on my heart
Yesterday we had a great sermon at church on being GREAT for God not just good. If your a good Christian then it is easy to settle for being good and never work to be GREAT! To never do GREAT things for God only good things.
I have for the past few week been sicked by the bullins and comments and songs i have seen on SO many Christians on myspace!
Now i am not one to point out others faults without first dealing with myself. After listening to the sermon yesterday i have come to understand that i have been settling for being Good and not Great for God. I want to start to be great! To see God do Great things in my life and use me in a Great way. That is why i have to say what i am about to say.
I have to say that really my heart was moved by seeing so many of my young people who have put their arms around me and promise to live their lives for Jesus. NO matter the cost! SO i ask you today are you paying the cost to live your life for Jesus or are you just being good. Anyone can be good with out paying a cost. But to be Great and have great things happen in your life and in the lives of the people you love. It cost you! So many of you post things for all your friends to read., Cursing, what kind of lover you are? The new tattoo you defaced you body with. What kind of drunk you are. Your songs on your page are about having sex, smoking pot, cusing Gods name rather then procaiming the name of Jesus as Lord. Pictures of you in sexual clothes showing off your bodys. In a lip lock with your love!
My heart for you is this. How is it that you will in just a few months be asking these same friends to come to summer camp with you to praise God? How is it that some of you will ask these same friends to join you at church or youth group this very week? Because you want your friends to meet Jesus the man who changed your life. Did he? Are you diffent then the world? Or are you just a good person?
Is your life reflecting the change Jesus made in your heart? Or is it just showing that if you get saved you become a good person who does not do bad things, like kill or steal?
I hope that you hear my heart for you those i love the most in life my kids.. BEAN <>< keeping it MAD REAL!
Revelation 3:16 (The Message)15-16"I know you inside and out, and find little to my liking. You're not cold, you're not hot—far better to be either cold or hot! You're stale. You're stagnant. You make me want to vomit

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