Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Christmas music in April?

My daughter Grace just put on a Christmas Cd. I laughed and said Christmas in April? She said yea mom I like it! Funny how we don't think about singing the praises of our Lords birth but on dec 25th? Or maybe at least the weeks following up to it. But the truth is that we should always be singing out to the world that born this day in the city of David a Savoir who is Christ the Lord. The King who has come to save us from the sin that holds us in chains! How great is our God that he loves us So much to send his son to us not just on Dec 25th for a season but for a lifetime to save all. He died once for all! I for one am greatful that the reason for our Christmas season is not just a season but a an eternty... Thanks Grace for reminding Mom..


BigRedHead said...

Ran across your blog through your Dad's link through Don & Betty Best. We were down there in March for a missions trip.

Anyways...couldn't agree more with your comments on celebrating our Savior's birth. I thought of this at Easter too! I am a Children's Ministry leader at our church. We ramp up to teach of the power of our risen Lord 1 day a year and we need walk in knowing it every day of the year.

mrslunch said...

Thanks bigredhead! Glad you found your way to beans view! leave comments anytime. I will take a moment to check your blog out at well. So cool you got ot go work with the Best in missions Don adn Betty! Love them a bunch... BEAN