Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jesus in my Cheese Toast

It is stuff like this that gives us a bad name.. By us i mean Christians. First i want to state you should click onto the link below and watch about the woman in Nc who found the face of JEsus in her cheese toast. That is right Jesus in cheese toast. 


Ok now that we are done with that crazy clip lets move on to why i think this is SO crazy.. 
I do first want to state that My God is able to do all things and that some things he does we can not wrap our human minds around and reason but i also have to state at the same time that i believe God does all things for a reason he always has a plan at work... So i guess this is where i can not see the reason he would show up in my breakfast toast or any other food i am going to eat.. It just seems nuts to me.. Picture this God and Jesus sitting in the throne room around 7am on a monday morning.. Hey Son you know that Lady down there she needs to know you are always with her. Lets put your face on her toast and see if she can see you.. Kinda like Where is Waldo books..

You see when i look at this piece of cheese toast all i see is a good snack to eat gone to waste to mold in a Tupperware dish beside this lady's bed NOT a reminder of my Jesus being with me all the time.. It kinda of dumbs down my Jesus in a way.. How does Jesus remind us that he is with us if not in our Cheese toast!?!? Try looking out the window at the wonderful world he made to have fellowship with us forever! How about taking a breathe!!! In and out , in and out air moving thru my lungs is a reminder that Jesus is with me giving me life each moment! How about picking up his word! Reading how he says he will never leave us or forsake us.. In all my years of Bible reading i have never read oh and be on the watch out i may show up in your cheese toast!! The whole earth is looking for a sign that Jesus is real! Well stop looking at your toast and know that he is alive and well sitting at the right hand of the Father not talking about who's toast or potato chip or any other food idem to show his face but rather making intercession for us. Reminding the Devil that even thou we are a lost and dead world, We are made alive because he came to our world as a man and died so that we could be set free from our Sin! He is reminding the Father that even thou most of us tend to be like this woman in NC and think we need Jesus to show his face in our breakfast that he died for her too.. I guess the bottom line is for me that the Jesus i know is more powerful to raise the dead heal the sick and deliver the possessed by evil that he does not need to show his power in my cheese toast!!! ok off the soap box for now.. All this talk of cheese toast has made me want some.. Off to snack and no i won;t be looking for JEsus in it.. I know right where he is and it is not in my toast but rather my heart... R