Thursday, April 24, 2008

I married because of Maine and JT?

I am heading out in a few hour to one of my fav places. Maine! Wayne and I honeymooned there but our love affair with the great state of Maine started long before that.
I felt the need to tell this story today about how Maine and James Taylor are the reason I married Wayne, well ok two of the reason I married him.
It started one a warm June night here in Vermont. Wayne and I were at a stand still in our friendship. He was ready to move on and start the road to marriage. I on the other hand was in full freak out mode because my heart and Spirit knew that was Gods plan. It was getting the rest of my mind and body out of the way. I have to state that before Wayne and I started dating my heart had been broken. I was very scared of starting that road of love again. I had been So SO sure that the heart breaker was the ONE! Boy was i wrong and I thank God ever day that he does not always gives us the things we ask for. Enough said on that. Wayne was my best friend and I knew that you should always marry your best friend. But yet my heart did not want to go there. I needed to know that this was Gods ONE for me. I needed a sign! So how does James Taylor and Maine fit in to this love story? God is a man that I think likes to giggle at this children! He does things for the sake of showing that he is God and he can! Wayne and I both love James Taylors Music! We have worn out many many cds of his. His tunes have gone with us and been with us thur many many times. Some good some bad. Like us James is a big fan of the great state of Maine. Had even written lyrics about it in songs. Wayne and I had often joked about how we would get married and go to Maine to see James play. That was long before we dated. We would leave notes for each other like I have dollar and fiffty cents want to go to maine and see James? Silly things! But you know God is always listening to us even in our sillyness.
We had a blow up, knock down,drag out fight! Wayne was wanting me to say that I was in for the long haul, a lifetime, I was holding back. Then Wayne threw up his hands and in a half prayer half heart break and said God give her a sign any sign that this is right that I am the man for her. I don;t know what kind of sign Like James Taylor in Maine kind of sign. He started the truck and her rode without a word being said and made our way to a ice cream shop to met up with some friends. With in ten mintutes of being there a waiteres that we are friends with came up and said Hey maybe you guys would want to go? Go where we asked? OH I have two extra tickets to see James Taylor in Maine in two weeks. Would you like them? I choked on ice cream and knew that my God was a man who liked to show that he was God and if you would not hear his voice he would speak louder. Thanks God for using two of my fav things to show me that you are God and are able to move things and people in our lives to show us your plan! So yes we went and yes we had a wonderful time. Funny thing is we have seen James a few other times live but never again in Maine. Maybe one day. Off to pack for the Great state of Maine..

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