Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Friendship is a wonderful thing.. I don't have alot of close friends in my life. I can count them on my hands. But i have to say this about the friendships i do have. Last week a friend called me who lives a few states away. I not talked to her or since the end of the summer. She was passing my town on the highway and stopped at the store near my house to pick up a few things. I met her in the parking lot and we chatted for maybe ten mintutes but it did not seem like we had not seen or talked to each other in months. She is my friend and time and space does not change that. Now just today i came across a old friend on the web. We emailed a few times today and again it did not seem like anything had changed. Even thou it had been years since we had seen each other or talked. Friendship last if they are true friendships.. Glad to talk to you Krissy Pooh and Heidi we need to have a cup of tea togather soon.. Bean

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