Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weak moments

I gave a word a few weeks ago now at my home church about God using our weak moments. For those of you that read my Daddys blog he wrote a bit about it and posted a wonderful picture of me.( that I btw took without him knowning on his camara being a wackO. Lesson learned not to do that again. You never know where a picture will end up. Should have learned that lesson from Hannah Montata or whatever her name is.

Anyways back on topic,

Weak moments, I read a blog from a childhood friend about his stuggle with a weak moment in life that is not going away anytime soon without a move of God. His son has MD( muscular dystrophy) A tough topic for him to write about much less live out each day. My heart breaks for him as a parent and as a friend. I can not for a moment put myself in his shoes nor do I want to try. To watch your childs health fail in fornt of your eyes and there be nothing to stop it seems almost more then a parent could bare. I wrote to him and said "Trust in the fact that there is no better place for our children to be but in Gods will. Because I know your hearts a believers. I know that your heart is that not only this child but for all your children would be in Gods will. Whatever that may be" That is just hard to feel in a weak moment

I shared with him how I wanted to wipe our car crash from the minds of my children. But God spoke to me and said But I don't want them to forget what I did for them and thru them because of this weak moment.

It is in our weak moment that God is able to glorife himself. God has a plan for each of our lives. We are only able to see part of the picture he is painting. The hard part is to have Faith and Trust in his plan is best and hold on to his promises thru the weak moment. I shared with my friend that we were and are standing in Faith for Kyles healing and standing on the promise of Gods word that by his strips we are healed. But more over I am praying that Kyles life would bring Glory to God and touch peoples lives. When our goal is bring God glory no matter the cost we are blessed. The Kingdom of God growns before our eyes because of our weak moment. Any heart break we may exprise is wiped away at the site of a heart changed forever by the power of God moving in our weak moment. So My friend keep this in mind wherever your weak moment leads you. That as a believer in Christ we know nothing happens outside of his loving hand. As Andy Stanly says God is up to something he is just giving us a chance to join in. Don;t let a weak moment make you miss it. Because you never know but you were born for such a time as this.........


Michael Gantt said...

Here, here.

Lorrie Dobbins said...

Absolutely! I don't know how anyone can parent without God. He is the one who watches over my kids when they leave the house and there were so many times that if I did not know that, I would have been paralyzed with fear until they got home.

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