Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Double Blessing


As many of you may know my baby Brother is going to be a Daddy! Andrew and his wife Hannah are due just after Christmas this year with their first child.

A couple in our church body had a little boy this past week named Matthew a name dear to my family's heart. ( I have a Brother Matthew in heaven who I will meet face to face one day) May God bless this little new boy Matthew with a mantel of Gods anointing to reach the earth as I know his parent Brian and Karina have a passion for.

Also Found out Sunday that some good friends of ours are having TWINS!!!
What a blessing for there house. I just wanted to say to them We are praying for Gods hand on those little lives in Jamie's womb. Boy if their children have half the anointing their mother does as she leads Gods people into worship then the Devil better run for the hills...

In our nation we do not take the joy in new life as we should. In the worlds eyes the only one that is truly a human life is Matthew because he is outside of the womb now.

From a God fearing Bible believeing Mothers seat I know that from the moment of concption life begins. Each with its own desity hand drawn by the maker of Heaven and Earth!
Take the time today to celabreate a new life. Wither it be to smile at a new mother who carrys her child or children in the womb. Take the time to coo and caa over a new borns smile or soft baby hair. Take the time to tickle your own childrens tummys just to hear their sweet laughter.
What power we take from the enemy when we celabreate life and the giver of life..

Truley each of us that have ever held a new born child understand that life truly is a gift from above....... and a sweet one at that.. I look forward to meeting these new gifts.....

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you." Jeremiah1:5

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Michael Gantt said...

From your mouth to God's ears, Robyn!