Friday, December 11, 2009

Praying for the Duggers

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar welcomed baby 19 earlier than expected on Thursday, December 10, at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Daughter Josie Brooklyn was born at 6:27 p.m. weighing 1lb., 6 oz.
For more infor read the post below from Discovery Channal

Pray for Health for Michelle for she is recovering from a gallstones,and a emergency c-section.

Pray for Jim Bob and the other children as they juggle life at home without Mom.

Pray for baby Josie Brooklyn for streagth and health!

Pray for Wisdom for her Mommy and Daddy as most little ones her size have many needs.

I know many do not share the same joy as I do watching and following this lovey large family but I love them! We could all use to learn a lesson from this family. Children are a blessing from God!

Beans View today is praying for this wonderful Familys new little one


Barbara said...

Praying for a miracle for this tiny baby.

Barbara said...
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