Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Treats

We are in Full Christmas mode around these here parts.
Trees Up Check!
Stockings hung with care Check!
Gifts bought and wrapped Check! (well almost)
Christmas Pictures being taken today Check!
Christmas Treatsbeing bought or cooked Check!
Christmas Treats are  one of the most highly favored things about Christmas for most people. Cookies, Candy and Chex mixs oh My!

        Some of my fondness childhood memories is of Christmas treats. The things your Mother or Grandmother would never dare cook other then in the month of December.
In our family it was and still is Chexs mix homemade of course. Sugar Cookies from a Cookie press. Children licking their Red and Green food coloring stained fingers to get the sugar off when Mom was not looking. My famous flavored Oyster Crackers which I can't tell you the recipe but I would have to kill you..Jk.. Old fashion soft Candy cane pepermint sticks. Silver bells other wise known as Hersey Kisses at my GreatGrandmothers house on Christmas eve.
Leave me a comment with your email about your favotie Christmas treat and I will email you my Oyster Cracker recipe
Beans view is sweet today

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Barbara said...

Thats a hard one. DH would say it is the 7 day coconut cake. I love the cookie press cookies. Eggnog to drink. The best is the whole family around the table eating everyones favorite foods. Never enough room around the table.The kids fill their plates with food but dont eat it. They know that soon there will be presents to open. Then , they have to sit still and hear the real Christmas story and pray for the family. Finally, the gifts are passed around.