Saturday, November 21, 2009


My Husband and oldest Son just left to go help My Father(also Our Pastor)Move tables and chairs for our Church Thanksgiving Dinner tonight. This is a dinner our church has been hosting for 25 years. We have all the fixings of Thanksgiving served. Homemade Rolls with homemade butter, Peas & Carrots, Homemade Stuffing ,Squash and Mash potatoes with REAL gravy,Pickles and pie.

NOTE pickles and pie are not served together..

The Head of our Mercy Minstry(food and clothes)heads up the dinner. She had been working for months on gathering Turkeys I believe around 30 are being cook as i write.
100s of pds of veggies and even giving out apples to be cooked into yummy homemade New England Apple pie.

Everyone in our church body takes part in this dinner. The doors open at 5 pm but long before that our body has been in the doors. You see unlike alot of Church Thanksgiving dinners this dinner is not for our body. Yes we all come and enjoy the yummy homemade treats that were made in love. But I was thinking this morning as my Son and I talked about him serving tonight.

What my favoite part of this dinner is? Its not the Stuffing(which I love!) Or the Apple pie!

So why do I love it so much? Its a few things.. Let me draw you a picture of what my view will be tonight.

As soon as I walk up the side walk I see men and woman with children lined up waiting for the doors to open. The aroma of Thanksgiving is in the air even if it kinda smells like smoke,beer and sometimes unbathed people. But still Thanksgiving lingers thicker then the gravy cooking inside. I walk thur the door greeted by one of our men minding the door for the night. As I pass the kicthen I see many busy hands at work loading food into hot boxes to be sent upstairs.
When I walk in the Worship Center I see not chairs lined in neat rows but rather tables and chairs to seat about 500 thankful people. Then I will see men and woman of all walks of life in aprons with spoons in hand ready to fill the some 500 plus people plates that will shortly be lined up. As the doors open people filing in with smiling beaming. As I write I can picture one of the homeless mens who loves pickles. Each year always asking if he can have a extra pickle. Or the little dirty faces of little boys and girls as they grab just one more piece of pie.Or the Moms who say thank you so much to each people who serves them.

The aroma of Thanksgiving is my favotie thing about tonights dinner. It runs off those we serve like water coming out of a cool spring. The terms meaning aroma fragrance, and scent, are used primarily by the food and cosmetic industry to describe a pleasant odor.

I think the reason I love this dinner so much is because I don't often smell the aroma of thankgiving in our world.

When the Colonists gave thanks to God for rain after a two-month drought in 1623 that was the aroma of Thanksgiving. True Thanksgiving is being Thankful for Gods providing for your family. Most of us will sit down at a table this week with our family and eat way to much food. Watch football until we fall asleep on the couch.Maybe visit some family far away but will the aroma of Thanksgiving fill your house?

I am Thankful that tonight I get to sit at a table or spoon up mash potatoes to someone who oozes the Aroma of Thankgiving.

Thankfulness, Gratitude, or appreciation is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

What Aroma will fill your house this Thanksgiving?
Thankful for My view today BEAN

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