Saturday, November 21, 2009

Are you preparded?

What a cool thing I came across.. Thanks! has this wonderful tool to log inventory of your pantry and also be able to shop for needs so you are always ready in Emergencys. You can log in how many people you fed in your house hold. Be able to better set goals for food storage this new year and your goals for your familys needs. Nursing Moms need more calories per day so keep that in mind if you are bf. Children and Adults have diffrent needs too. Maybe your like me and live with or have Diabetes or some type of dietary guidlines. Those with dietary guidelines will have greater needs for proper food during an Emergency.What a cool tool to help us plan and spend less tobe able to met our familys needs in a Emergency. I live in vermont and history has show that with in a matter of hours you can be trapped in your house because of a good old New England Nor'Easter storm. Better Safe then sorry...
Beans View today is What do I need to stock up on?
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