Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A man has to work to eat

A few weeks ago my Mother took my kids apple picking. Noah who is a big strong six year old boy was strugglingto pull the wagon full of crisp fall apples up the orchard hill. After stoping to rest his wise Grandmother told him that a man has to work if he wants to eat. You like to eat don't you she asked? He replied oh yea I love to eat and started pulling the wagon up the hill.

Those words have come back to me alot this week. Having our family go from two incomes to once since i have been sick has been a struggle to make ends meet. I have been cooking more homemade things for two reeasons really one is it cheaper and two i am not working so i have more time to cook thur out the day. But as always I have been blessed with free food from our mercy minstry at church. This week I have gotten 6 quarts of heavy cream which i made homemade butter with and put up and one that was made into whip cream that we had with pudding we had gotten from our food shelve. It was a yummy treat! The Butter making was a little work the kids and i passed around a jar and took turns shaking it until yummy fresh butter we enjoyed with warm homemade butter milk (which was taken from the heavy cream) biscuits. The kids enjoyed making the butter it was tons of fun! We also recived a bag full of carrots. They were the biggest carrots i have ever seen! But they were yummy with mayple syrup on them and homemade butter! After thinking about how easyit was to peel and cook up the 5 freezer quart bags of carrots i called our head of mercy minstry and said do you still have carrots? She said yes she had been given 700pds in all and was over run with them still and i could have a 50 pd bag if i wished.. I thought wow thats alot of work but a man (or woman)has to work if he wants to eat. So guess what i will be doing for the next few days? Anyone got any good carrot recipes? I am thankful For God funny ways of providing for my family. Anyone who said free food was easy never looked at a 50 pd bag of carrots in their kicthen floor... thats my view for today..


Sheri said...

I've never blogged so I hope this right, Robyn.

Are you canning your carrots as well as freezing them?

Have you tried an Apple Carrot Muffin recipe? They freeze well, too.

Also, carrot salad with raisins/ dried fruits are a real treat.

Have you a dehydrator to dry some carrots?

BEAN said...

I am freezing them right now. May can some with my mom.Going to share with my SIL if she wants.Will makegreatbaby food for Riley in a few months. Thanks forthe comment and thoughts