Friday, November 27, 2009


As I write this my heart is heavy. I found out last night that a childhood friend attempted to take his own life. He is currently on life support. Last I heard there was little hope that he would make it long.

Hope .............How sad to live without hope.............How sad to come to the place spiritaul that you have no hope to live.

Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstance in one's life. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

As I laided in bed last night I said to my husband"How sad to live without hope."
Then I thought how is it that we lose hope? Give up or give in how every you like to say it.
So I turned to the hope in my life the never changing true word of God.
If ever they was a man who had a right to give up hope it was Job.

The book of Job in brief, the book begins with an introduction to Job's character — he is described as a blessed man who lives righteously. The Devil challenges Job's integrity, proposing to God that Job serves him simply because of the "hedge" with which God protects him. God progressively removes that protection, allowing Satan to take his wealth, his children, and his physical health and to thereby tempt Job to curse God. However, despite his desolation, he does not curse God's name or accuse God of injustice but rather seeks an explanation or an account of his wrongdoing.

Job was a man who did not lose hope!

Job 8 (New Century Version)
13 That is what will happen to those who forget God; the hope of the wicked will be gone. 14 What they hope in is easily broken; what they trust is like a spider's web. 15 They lean on the spider's web, but it breaks.They grab it, but it does not hold up.

Job did not lose hope because he did not forget who God was. He had hope not in his earthly life but rather in heavnly one to come.

So how does one lose hope?

When we hope in things like spider's web that easily break. My heart and spirit are sadden that my friend hoped in spider webs rather then his heavenly Father who's heart is breaking right along with us.

My hope is that thur all this saddness others who are hoping in Spider webs will grab on to the unbreakble, unchangble God who gives us Hope that last when everything else breaks.

Beans view today is dim for her friend but bright for the hope I hold on to.


Deena said...

Thank-you for this Friend. Having Hope gives you so much strength. But having Faith and Hope can complete your life.

Larry said...

Well said Bean. Another perspective we forget about in the Church is the physiological part of our being. I know myself, having struggled with depression and PTSD that sometimes here is simply a chemical imbalance of some sort. God made our bodies so wonderful and complex. We are only starting to scratch the surface in understand it's complexities. Too many times I have heard well-intentioned folks say things like, "they don't need counseling, or medicine, they just need the Lord." While I agree in principle with that statement, to use it as a one size fits all is dangerous and causes believers who may have physiological or chemical imbalances to feel isolated or somewhat of a failure as a christian. Kind of like those quack faith healers that tell you that you can't breath right Bean because you don't have enough "faith."

I'm not sure why I got off on this rant other than to say I agree with you 100%. Hope can only be found in one place, but sometimes healing needs a holistic approach, meaning one's whole being needs to be taken into account. Treating with just meds and not bringing the Lord into the holistic healing process is just an dangerous and the other way around. I guess I'm saying that those who struggle with mental health issues shouldn't feel alone or ostracized.

BEAN said...

Thanks Deena your right faith and hope go hand and hand. In my eyes you can't have one without the other like Peanut butter and Jelly.I can't have true faith in God without having Hope that he will keep his word!

BEAN said...

Larry your right sometimes there are those who need medictions or treatment but we all need a good dose of the good counseler! We seek mans quick fixes rather then Gods everylasting ones! We dry out in rehab or feel better after talking things out. Real Faith is saying God I don't care what the world around me looks like I have Hope in who you are and what your word promises me! I am going to follow you where every you lead me.Treament Hospital or Alter.
Teen Challage has a prayer..HELP!!!
One we could all pray more..