Monday, October 26, 2009

God inclining his ear to me

A few weeks ago we learned in Sunday school about us inclining our ear to God and he would Incline his ear to us.

The term or the act of inclining ones ear means to, bending forward or lean toward where ever the noise is. Pay attention to the person talking to you. Really Listen to what they are saying.. Not just listen but Hear what they are saying.

How often did we hear as children Are you HEARING what i am saying? We often don't incline our ears to each other never mind God? But do we really understand that he is always inclining his ear to us?
Sure when we pray we know he hears us but the ? I have today is do we understand that his ear is always inclined to us even when we are not praying. Or course we know GOd knows all things at all times but does he really HEAR to me all the time? What am I getting at is I think we forget that GOd is with us all the time. Watching Listening to our everyday life. He hears the whispers or our heart in the dark of the night. He sees our heart break when no one else can thur our fake smile.He hears the soft thought that passes thur our mind.

God sees us and hears us even when we are not talking to him.

Yes God wants us to incline our ear to him because what he has to say to us is Life changing!!! He is speaking to us and we need to HEAR him not just listen like it is white noise in the back ground.

I had this moment yesterday morning not a prayer not even a spoken word but a passing thought about Dog food.. Silly huh..? I open the door to the bin where we store our Dogs food. I scooped it out and saw it was low.. Great! We are going to need to buy Dog food i thought. Which for those of you who don't have pets Dog food is not cheap! And besides 2 weeks I have been our of work since June! SO money is not growing on trees around here.. So my mind and heart yesterday was thinking Great $30 bucks for dog food!.. But my God was inclining his ear to me.

Wayne calls me just a few hours later.. Hey honey this lady i work with just gave me 3 big bags of Dog food for us! And also 4 bags of Cat food for your mom.. There is a story behide why she had it and why she was getting rit of it. but no need to get into that.. It was a GOd thing.. He heard my heart because he was inclining his ear to me because he loves me so much to not just met the needs of me but bless me enough to be able to bless others too.. when I am weak he is So strong...


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