Friday, September 28, 2007

White Hair

This may come to a shock to some of you but i have white hair. I dye it every six weeks or so to cover it. My husband laughs at me all the time as i lean into the mirror trying to find them. It is like some kind of tresure hunt only the tresure is more like pandoras box then silver and gold. For what ever reason the fear of getting old really bothers me. My mother who is a beautiful woman has white hair. She started to go gray in highschool. So i should thank the good Lord that he waited to bless me with this tresure until i was in my 30s. I blame my son Noah ( the foot in the underwear boy) Because i never saw a white or even gray hair in my head until after his birth. It was like i gave birth and pushed so hard all these white hairs popped out of my skull. When i look in the mirror in the morning somehow i still wish to see my 20 year old face and hair looking back at me. Time is slipped by me and now i have awoken to see well ok not a old lady but we are not a young lady either. This woman in my church she is older then I by many years, reminds me all the time that White Hair is a sign of a womans wisdom. So if that is true how did i get SO wise to be blessed with SO many signs of that wisdom? I may want my face and hair to be that of a 20 year old but i would not trade the wisdom i have as a 32 year old heart. I was thinking last night about when i was 22 how dumb i acted. Getting mad over little things, spended to much of my brain power of how i looked or what others thought of the way i looked. Now ten years later i go out of the house no make up in PJ pants to bring my brother dinner ( did that last night in Waynes spiderman pants) I looked down as i got out of my sister in laws car laughed and said I have my pjs on oh wait no i have Waynes Pjs on. Believe it or not i was not put to shame no one laughed at me but myself. I had no make up on and no one ran screaming from me when they saw my face. I guess the lesson i learned from my white hair is that it makes me look more at the way people view me. Do they view that way i look and on that base wither or not they will befriend me> Or do they look at my heart that lays benethe the white hair and Spiderman Pj pants? I know as a 32 year old woman i no longer look at the outward but rather the inward. Much like God view us, he looks past our dirty sinful life and sees our hearts. Wisdom from my white hair? Stop thinking about how the outward looks and work more on the inward. Does that mean i will stop dying my hair..... ah no not there yet...... need more time to gain the wisdom to stop that..... not there yet...... but now the world knows under the hair dye lays all the signs of my wisdom.....

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(Jim &) Brandy Brow said...

Woman, you got talent under them thar whiteys. Keep writing. Loved this.

Brandy of The Building Brows