Wednesday, September 26, 2007

reap what you sow

A friend of mine got burned bad by a person she had put her heart soul and mind into. Helping out when no one else was there giving when there was nothing to give.
Why is it the people we give the most too in life never return it? It is like a slap in the face.
No thanks for the bread you gave them when they were hunger, no thanks for the water you gave them when they were thirsty. No thank you for when they were cold and you gave them a blanket.
As i thought about my friend and what happen to her this week i was reminded that Jesus gave all he had to his 12 closed friends and got nothing in return. Peter not once but three times denyed even knowing him. Most of the discples ran and hide when Jesus was taken from the garden. When he carried the cross down the long road to his place of death the same group that had sung Hosanna days before cried out for his death. They choose a thief over him their savoir. Why should we be caught off gurad when the world does the same to us?
I heard a story about a prist who worked with intercity Gangs. Somone told the prist " you know they are just using you to get what they can from you". The Prist replyed "they can not take anything from me when i give all i have freely to Jesus". I give them my love to them freely because Christ did the same for me.
I own nothing, all i have is given to me from God for his use so how can anyone use me to get something i have when i have nothing that is my own. God only blesses me so i can be a blessing to someone else. So many times we get our feelings hurt when we put Our time Our money , Our love to others and have them return nothing to us and maybe never make us feel used. When we have given all we have to them they move on to the next sucker.
Remember that Jesus was used and bruised for us and we spit on him and called for his death. But because of his great love for us he walked on and died for us that we may ahve life. The next time you start to feel used remember that is always Gods plan to use you to help bring him glory and meet the needs of his children, children are never greatful for what they get... just my thought for the day,,
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