Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gods reply to my prayers

Why is it when we pray as ask God to do something, change something ,heal something are we in shock when he does it. Just last night i had one of those moments. Something i have been praying about for years and i mean years happen. The thing I wanted to happen, happened. It does not really matter what it was but it was something my heart had been praying about for a very long time. God heard me and give me what my heart wanted. I stood in the living room last night and was trying to understand what my heart was feeling. My husband kept saying what it is? I replied I guess I am not sure, other then to say God gave me my hearts desire. How often we forget the sweet words he speaks to us. God loves us and wants to give us the desires of our hearts but only when they are his desires for us too. When are heart is one with his is he able to fullfill our hearts longing. So since I know this why was I in shock that God kept his word? Was it that I got my heart in the right place so i was not looking at what i wanted but rather what Gods heart wanted. Was that what i was in shock about? I understand now that God had not given me what i wanted because before last night i was not in the right place to deal with his reply. I would have gotten the gift i longed for and not known how to deal with it. I think I would have looked at it like a deer in headlights. DUH what do i do now? I think God always replys to us but we just don't hear it. We want things our way in our time even if we are not ready for it. God starts giving us what we want by teaching us how to deal with it once we have it. The desire of our heart starts with a lesson in caring for our hearts. I am so Thankful God works with his plan not mine....

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