Monday, June 30, 2008

Making lemon-aid out of lemons

Long time to blog sorry for my readers been busy getting my summer on.. It seem to hit me like a ton of bricks.. Wow summer is here how did that happen... We are only 5 weeks away from camp!! Woo hold on there buddy... I need more time!! For those readers who may not know my DH and I run a summer youth camp the first week in Aug in White River Vermont.. It is the highlight of our summer.. We spend the year getting ready for it.. We take one week of vacation a year and spend it with 80 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 ... Yea I know we are crazy... This weather one of our girls dorms was broken into and vandalized. Every bunk, every bed mat, the floor the walls you name it there was a curse word on it. At first my blood boiled with anger.. How could someone do this to my dorm!!! I said to myself.. A few weekends ago my DH left the kids with Nana and headed up to camp to do some work.. My DH set to work building a outside shower.. That is going to be SO cool well i hope hot really since most showers at summer camp are cold.. I plugged in my ipod and started painting. It was hot, the paint fumes were making my head light.. I was not happy this is not want I should be doing.. I have other things I need to do to get ready for camp then this grunt work.. I had spoken with a police officer about who they believed had done this act of vandalism's. He said he believe it was some boys between the ages of 12 and 13.. I even laughed with him about if i knew them they would be helping me clean up the mess. Anger came over me again as I spoke to this policeman..
But God,, you know if i had a dime for every time in my life a But God has happened I would not have to work for a living... But God spoke to my heart that hot sweating Saturday afternoon as I stood covered in paint and dirt. Those boys are just like every girl and boy that will fill these beds in a few weeks. They need me in their life's just as much as anyone. Pray for them and each of the ones that will fill these beds. My heart sank and I begin to see that what God was doing was not a waste of my time but helping me see that the real work for camp was being done now.. Hearts being softened by prayer.. I begin to worship as I painted those bunks. I was able to lay hands on each bunk and pray for whatever young lady would sleep in it. That God would work a mighty work in their hearts. I prayed that the spirit of God would call those young men that had given me the to spend a few hours along to pray for the week of camp to the grounds during the week. When I walked into that dorm for the first time and saw all the bunks, mats and floors with cruse words all over them. I saw work I did not want to take the time to do but had to be done.. God saw a way to slow me down so I could get some real work done.. God gives us lemons so we can take the time to make lemon aid... so sit back take it slow and see how you can bring glory to our Father in a time where you have more lemons then you need...

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