Wednesday, June 18, 2008

house cleaning

I was doing some cleaning today out back in our basement. We were giving a upright freezer by my MIL. I am very happy to have a larger freezer to be able to stockpile things when they go on sale. Things are not getting any cheaper at the store these days. So i was doing some much needed cleaning out back to make room for this new gift. I opened the door to one of the cheast we used to store dry goods. i open the bottom door and to my surpise i found a few things that i can not even recall where or why i got then or even how long ago i got them. i looked for a date but was unable to find one. So into the trash they went. As I sat down here sweaty and stinky in bad need of a drink from all my cleaning labor, this thought came to me. we as believers should do some house cleaning our self in our spirits once and while. I have been studing this verse
2 Corinthians 13:5 Look closely at yourselves. Test yourselves to see if you are living in the faith. You know that Jesus Christ is in you—unless you fail the test.

Is that not kinda of like a good cleaning in the back of the basement like me today. A emoiton or thought crosses your heart and mind and you say to your self . Wow I did not know that was there! How long ago did i pick that up? Who gave me that?
To start a habit of asking God for what David asked for in psalm 51:10

Psalm 51:10Create in me a pure heart, God, and make my spirit right again

Happy cleaning !

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