Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heirlooms of the heart

This is something I wrote a while ago but has been on my mind... wanted to share it with you... Better for Christmas time but a message we all need to remember..

Heirlooms of the heart?

From Grandfather Clocks to pocket watches to Wedding dresses, Grandma tea cups.
All Heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. Gifts that remind us of our childhood. The old dirty chair Grandpa use to smoke his cherry pipe in. The pretty pink flowered china tea cup that Grandma use to drink honey lemon tea from. Pictures of family members we never met all tattered and yellow from time. Family Bibles that hold the family tree in their pages. A record of marriage, deaths and births with torn pages and worn leather covers. Note that mark a favortie verse in the word.

Even when these Heirlooms colors have faded away the memories of those we love don’t.
It is the heritage of our family that we pass down to our children.

This often happens at Christmas time around the family tree. Proud Fathers hand their sons the gift that was given to them as a boy. Tearful mothers hand their daughters gifts that were given to them as young girls. The question I have for you is what is the heirloom you are giving your children? It is a old tattered and torn gift yellow from time.

A common Heirloom giving at Christmas time is a Nativity scene. Something maybe your Great Grandmother brought at a five and dime store with the money she saved from doing others wash. Or maybe something your Grandfather craved out of wood. No matter where is came from or what it is made of the Nativity can be the greatest Heirloom you will every pass down thru your family.
What make a great Heirloom? Is it simple sentimental value alone that makes these family Heirlooms priceless? Is it just the picture in your minds eye of a family member over a 100 years ago holding this idem that is now in your care? Is it knowing that even thou it may have lost some of it glamour and gust it is still hold your familys love. It has held the test of time and has been well taken care of. Tucked away in for safe keeping inside a glass case or packed away wrapped in news paper. And it sits in the corner of you attic until it is to passed on to the next generation.

What good is Heirloom locked away for safe keeping if it is beauty is not shared. How can the next generation ever truly appreciate the value of it if they ever see it. Am I saying let the five year olds play with Grandmas tea set or let little Joe use Grandpa hunting knife down saplings in the back yard. No what I am saying is that some times we wait to long to share the value of what we want our children to remember. Of what we want them to pass on to there children. At Christmas time we share memories of years passed on. Of times and places and people that have changed or faded away.
How will our children ever be able to understand the greatest Heirloom is Jesus if we don’t give him to them. Family is not just traditions or a records written in the pages of a old bible.
Your family is a Heirloom or a gift to be passed of to the next generation. What heirloom are you leaving?
In 100 years what mark will your family have left?

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