Tuesday, October 16, 2007

simple child like faith

My four year old taught me a lesson today.

I asked the group of children I was with, all ages 3 and 4 years old.

Does Jesus live in your heart?

Something I do now and again just to see what they will say.

My niece Ema replied Yes silly he lives right there pointing to her heart.
I asked her what does he do in there she said eats hamburgers and watched sponge bob square pants . I laughed sounds good to me.

She laughed too so sweet nothing sweeted then a little girls giggle and faith.

Even thou Why is one of the most popular words I hear from children they don’t really questions things like we grown ups do.
They simply believe, wish I could be more like that.

I asked my son Noah does Jesus live in your heart?
Yup sure does, how did he get in there?
I just opened my heart and let him in. Wow neat I said back. Why did you do that? So he could do stuff in my heart. Like what kind of stuff? Make the dark stuff light.

Salvation is really that simple, We have to open our hearts so he can come in. Why so he can make the dark stuff light.

I hope for Noah’s sake it will always be that simple.

Us big people have a hard time opening out heart to him and a even harder time letting him make the dark stuff light.

Who wants to see your heart for what it really is?

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Sonjia Bradshaw said...

came to your blog via TWV2 post that you recently made. I'm so delighted the Lord led me your way.This blessed my heart today. I love the simplicity of kids...what joy!
best wishes