Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rainy days

It seems like it has been raining forever! My four year old son is laying in the floor in a rage of anger over his sister having something he wants. Now he is moved on to anything and everything else everyone has that he does not.

Rainy days can make you crazy with a houseful of kids it comes faster. Trust me when i say i know what i am talking about here. I have five children in my home right now all who want to go outside. Run around, ride scooters, take a deep breath of freash air.

OH freash air what I would give to have a nice long drink of freash cool crisp fall wind. To watch leafs painted diffrent shades of red, orange and yellow dance slowly to their winter resting place.

I love fall! I love everything about it, the changing colors. The crisp mornings and eveings with hot mid days. Apple Cider, Apple pie, Apple Crisp, canning apple sause.

Fall is like Gods gift to us before winter hits with its icey frozen winds that rip thru the very heart of us. Fall is a time of change old things pass away leaving us bare. During this season it is like the whole world is streap of life. Just left for dead, or so it seem.

Winter will set in soon before you know it frost will be on the brown grass. Then the day will come and the sky will be filled with thousands and thousands of white icey angels flying to the ground, Snow. I love a good snow strom. The thing about a really good snow strom is everything stops. All the earth is covered with it sticky cold white stuff. And for a few moments nothings moves. We all just stay home drink hot coco and homemade soup. We all just sit back still no movement. I love the silence that comes with a snow strom. Standing at my fornt door knowing that for few hours the world around me will be at rest.

Fall is Gods gift to us it says get what you need to get done before you have to be still. Before you have to go inside and be silence. We don;t like winter before it slows us down. Our bodys don't move as fast in the cold. Everything takes longer to do. We have to get up early to clean the snow out of our way. We have to listen more move less. Just maybe winter is Gods way of slowing us down so we can hear him better.

Fall is Gods gift to us, rainy days may be yucky but before you know it winter days will be here.
Take time to say all you want to God before Winter hits and it is his turn....

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