Saturday, November 28, 2009

Please pray

A fellow blogger posted this and I wanted to share it......Thanks for letting my share this.

I feel led to post this prayer request because I would hope that if this was my child somebody would pray for us as well. I am asking that you please take a moment right now to say a prayer for our friend Rachel and her baby. She is a loyal reader, and comments often, so you guys may be familiar with her.
A few days ago her and her children were in a terrible car accident. A big semi truck plowed into them, and sent them tumbling down a bank. They were all hurt, but the one they are the most worried about is baby LaRue. She’s 6 weeks old. The accident left her with a really bad bump on her head. While in the hospital for observation she’s begun having seizures.
Please pray for this precious baby girl, that her recovery is swift and complete. My heart just goes out to Rachel. I can’t even imagine her panic. Please pray for Rachel, that she is given peace in knowing that the Lord is good, and He is there. Pray for the whole family, that they have strength through such an incredibly scary time, and for the injuries of everyone involved.
You can read the whole story, and see pic’s and updates at her blog: We Shall Mount Up With Wings. Please let her know that her family and baby LaRue are in your prayers. Let’s surround this beautiful mother with hope and encouragement.


Barbara said...

Praying for a miracle.

Rachel said...

Thank you - we came home today, just taking a minute to check the blog stuff. She is home on meds and has a long road ahead of her for a full recovery, at least that is what we are praying for. We have no idea what her future will hold - I just know that the week was filled with endless miracles of God's grace at this time.

BEAN said...

Np thats what Sisters in Christ do.. Pray for each other..Please keep me up dated.. I am going to post your reply in a post to update everyone..Thanks..